A century-old company. The spirit of a startup.


We refuse to act our age

A lot has changed for our international trading clients since John Steer Co. was founded in 1905. We have had the advantage of evolving with you.

We’ve seen it all but never lost the scrappy spirit of
our origins as a customs broker. Today, as a full-service
logistics firm, we meet the demands of international buyers
and sellers who face a complex and competitive landscape.

What hasn’t changed? Our core values. They serve our customers as well today as
they did over a century ago. Honesty and integrity. But before you get a stodgy vibe,
check out the other side of the equation: people and technology.

Uber-team on board

Our people love what they do.

And they come to work ready to roll up
their sleeves
every day. Collaborative.
Creative. Uber-smart. These folks
bring an energy to Steer that keeps us
nimble and forward-thinking. Before
they answer your questions, they will
question their answers. The latest market intelligence. The right tools and technology.
A sense of urgency that never lets up. Get ready to love the team you work with.

Cyber specialists on call

Technology. Everybody offers it – but what do you need?

We believe technology should align with your logistics and business objectives. That’s why we established a special-ops
MIS group. They help clients explore how customized integra-
tion, automation and data exchange can better support the flow
of goods, documents and capital. What are your supply chain
challenges? What is your vision? Let our experts tackle
your toughest logistical issues.

Customers say it best

"In this era of increased border regs and reduced free-time of steamship lines, working with a customs broker who gets the need for timely, accurate filings is invaluable for me and the clients I represent. My companies count on Steer."

- Fred Sorbello, Pres., TMHG

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